What you get when you get MySQL Certification?

I know have a lot of topic about that. But on this topic, I only want sharing my experience  when I tried to get MySQL certification.

You can get a lot of information from here :  http://marcpatterson.com/2011/12/how-do-i-get-certified-in-mysql/

Have 2 option for learn: Learn with a team or without team

But learn alone is very bored. May be you need a team for discuss about content on each chapter. I usually recommend option 2: step up a team for training. You can improve ability communication, presentation with this option. You can have some leakage but the team will be help you on this case.

The exam isn’t hard. It’s very simple and basic but may be have lack a lot of knowledge so you should read it carefully.

Example: when you write int(1) and int(11)  no difference about storage use. It’s wrote very clear on book so you need to read it very carefully.

You can get a dump for this exam on internet( eBay, pass4sure… ). But you need carefully about it. You can fail because it have a lot of correct answer. If you don’t read MySQL Study Guide you’ll never know it.

If you have a MySQL certification but you don’t have knowledge about it. It’s very dangerously. It’ll reduce the value of the certificate. You’ll must to use more money for get other certificate so you need forget using cheat for get the certificate.

You’ll became a honest man if you get this certificate.

In addition, you can’t get any certificate if they know you using cheat to pass this exam ( I don’t know who banned but this is a notice from Oracle ).

You’ll get more knowledge than you’re suggest when you started.

You can become a master if you work hard.

So, don’t hesitate if you want to get a certificate.

Good luck!

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